New Life

'Pup wants to update this blog more often.... and he will.....


Ok folks - as you can see by the date gap, I can no longer support this blog. We have not had web access at home for over a year and the browser at work cannot communicate with blogspot. So its been fun and this idea shall live elsewhere, but not at the paws of this PUP anytime soon! Sowwy :(



OK so what are you going on about now  - ya dang widdle pup. Well for five whole days, AND NIGHTS (its the nights that get to ya) we didn't have a fence on the East side. So we had to be escorted whenever we needed to go outside.
Now the fence is finally complete and we both get to run EVERYWHERE within the confines of our yard!

Your Thought and Prayers

I just learned of a Special Lady in Humble, Texas who was diagnosed with Stage III Liver Cancer. [I was told that such cancers are often not diagnosed until that stage.] She says she never felt better in her life as she mentions starting the Chemo treatments soon. Her name is Phyllis.

All I ask are Prayers and Great Thoughts for Phyllis!

(If you need to know more, write to me, and it will get to her)

Its That Stare

I was off Friday with good reason. MY wife knew ahead of time as well as did my managers. I forgot to check with Butch and Charles.

Come Friday morning about 8 AM, I awoke to 2 dogs staring down at me & Charles was whimpering. When I got up and got dressed enough to see if there was a problem he calmed down, but gave me an awkward look when I came back into the house.

There is an order to things and I am NOT supposed to be home at that time, UNLESS we are either going to a Bark Park or going to play fetch (in the house)!!


Just Curves

If ever there was a topic that was so wonderfully discussed while roaming about a Puppy Park, it would be toilets. No not those porcelain monstrosities my human "owners" use, rather it would be the CHOICE LOCATIONS I have found here at my favorite Puppy Park. (At least they call this place by the right name, but WHY do they let those cranky humans in here?)
Getting back to the locations, I have found it best to wander off to one of the dozen or so corners this place has. I am grateful my "caretakers" do not take me to that tiny park just inside the loop, becase that place HAS no corners - just rounded curves. OK back to locations - stay away from the mud puddles - that is a messy place even for a Pup. Stopping in the middle of a dead run which chasing bird or ball - you do what you got to do - then its back to the chase - nowwhere did that bird get off to?

Oh Well

Snow - White - Sleep - Relax

Flowers - Bright Buds - Renew Our Strength - Reasons to Awaken

Only To Discover - Shit in Life + At Work - yep - Crap - Its Everywhere, Affects Us All

and Tests Our Desire to go back to ....Snow.......


da Pup Asks For HELP!

Ok folks - I need your help - or more precisely - My Bodacious Wife does

da Pup needs to know the latest specs to use while shopping for computers, BUS SPEEDS, L# CACHE, CORE CONFIGs, etc. at 3 levels:

1. Dream On - way too expensive for most - AlienWare

2. Prolly affordable for Us

3. Just Plain TRASH - do your self a favor and just walk on by

you can reply here or email


She Sez He Won't Fit

but I know better. Chuckie can fit into some small places - and he ain't no Chihuahua

but he does leave a hair trail.








Have To Admit

There has been a marked decrease in the number of sensible posts here due primarily to the fact that while I was out lounging about at a hospital receiving bunches of IV meds, the work was building up and my co-worker can only be a Miracle worker for so many days.

So I have been spending a bunch of time trying, repeat trying to catch up. Part of my problem is that while I am responsible for all the work getting done correctly and with some semblance of continuity, there are none the less THREE people that can complete the task at hand - WHEW!

Now I just need a better way of matching emails in order to know what is still Pending - OY! (Don't we all)

I will try to post something - anything daily in my top three blogs - Pup, Three & People.



As they offer me more ways to change the appearance of my blogs - the feeling of a child in a candy shop - comes to mind

Dead in his Tracks

that my friend is what almost happened to me. I walked into my bosses office to say "I feel sick and am heading home" but all I got out was "I feel si" then just mumbled. My boss called 911 and off to the hospital I went. Almost 2 weeks laterI was out, but still on antibiotics. The side effects were still there the first few days back @ work.

So I will let you know how Monday goes for the Pup.


Charles 2 da Rescue...NOT

Tonight the kids havr split their parent watching duties - BUTCHIE IS WATCHING da_Pup

How can I tell when Charles has raised his eyes to acknowledge me - the brown dots of fur ABOVE his black eyes surrounded by black fur... move...!